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Dave Wipert started singing about that same time he learned to talk.  His parents recall little Davey standing in front of their HiFi stereo singing along to “Raindrops Keep Fallin’ On My Head”. 


As a young boy Dave would only sing alone in his room to his favorite hits until one day his 7th grade teacher asked him to sing while playing the guitar in front of his classmates...although horrified, he sang the song and recieved a roaring applause.  This was that defining moment when he realized he could actually sing.


He started his first band in 1987 and performed at his sister’s wedding in 1990.  Years later, he entered a vocal contest at the original Saddle Rack nightclub in San Jose, CA.  Out of over 100 contestants, Dave finished victorious as the Grand Prize winner.


He then joined a cover band and became close friends with drummer Lorenz Cornelisen.  Lorenz introduced him to musicians who were interested in writing original material.  That project soon became Chromata.

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